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Supercharging Your Finance App with ShareScript GPT


Elevate your finance application to new heights with's ShareScript GPT, a financial language model designed for accuracy and versatility. This guide elucidates the key configuration parameters for crafting bespoke functionalities and seamlessly integrating them into your app:

Custom Prompts Creation

Construct custom prompts to guide the ShareScript GPT in generating app-specific insights. This feature offers maximum flexibility for harnessing the power of our model.

AI-Powered Chat Bots

Develop robust chatbots that use personalised prompts and specific training data to deliver user-friendly interactions and accurate responses to user queries.

Notification and Alerts System

Establish a comprehensive notification and alert system to keep your users abreast of latest trends, investment opportunities, and potential risks.

Fine-tuning these parameters unlocks the full potential of and the ShareScript GPT model, transforming complex financial data into actionable insights and enhancing your financial application's value proposition for your users.

Custom Financial Report Automation

Tailor financial reports to your unique needs by setting parameters like CompanyIdentifier to identify the company by ticker symbol or database ID, ReportPeriod to specify the report's timeframe, and ReportType to choose the report's form such as "Income Statement," "Balance Sheet," "Cash Flow Statement."

In-Depth Sentiment Analysis

Gain precise insights into financial news sentiment by configuring parameters such as ArticleURL to input the news article for analysis, SentimentScale to choose the sentiment assessment range, and SummaryLength to set the desired length of the sentiment summary.

Future Market Trend Prediction

Harness economic indicators and stock price movements to project future market trends by tweaking parameters like CompanyIdentifier for company identification, PredictionPeriod to set the forecast period, and Indicators to select the economic indicators considered in the prediction.

Enhanced Risk Management

Build effective risk strategies and spot potential fraudulent transactions by adjusting parameters like TransactionData for the raw data to be analysed, RiskThreshold to set the risk level for transaction flagging, and FraudDetectionAlgorithm to select the preferred algorithm for fraud detection.

Advanced Credit Scoring

Improve your credit scoring system by forecasting a company's creditworthiness and possible insolvency. Adjust parameters such as CompanyProfile for the company's comprehensive profile, CreditScoreAlgorithm for the scoring algorithm, and InsolvencyIndicators for the financial markers used in insolvency prediction.