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GPT Playground


ShareScript GPT Playground Tutorial

The ShareScript GPT Playground is a testing environment for closed beta users to experiment and understand the power of our ShareScriptGPT technology. It has been designed for ease of use and maximum flexibility. Let's dive into the functionalities available:

1. Stock Name Input

This is the first step in our playground. Here, users can enter the name or ticker symbol of the stock they wish to analyze. The system will recognize most global stock symbols and names.

2. Date Range Selection

Users can select the time range for which they want the analysis. The range can be specified as exact dates, or as periods like "last 3 months," "last year," etc.

3. Feature Selection

Users have the option to select among the five available ShareScriptGPT features. These are:

  • Stock Summary: Gives a snapshot of the company's recent performance and current status.
  • Stock Trends: Provides insights into the stock's performance trends over the selected date range.
  • News Summary: This feature summarises the significant news events related to the stock within the given date range.
  • Historical Analysis: This provides an in-depth analysis of the stock's performance over the specified period.
  • Investment Advice: Offers investment guidance based on the company's profile, market conditions, and other factors.

4. API Key Input

Users will have to enter the API key provided to them for beta testing. This key authenticates and grants users access to the playground features.

5. Prompt Settings

The prompt settings allow users to tailor the output to their preferences. The options include:

  • Tone: Users can choose the tone of the analysis (e.g., professional, casual, etc.).
  • Risk Tolerance: Here, users can define their risk tolerance level (e.g., high, medium, low), which is taken into account for the investment advice.
  • Trading Style: This could be long-term, short-term, day-trading, etc., affecting the nature of the investment advice.
  • Summary Length: Users can specify the desired length of the summary they receive (e.g., short, medium, long).

The ShareScript GPT Playground offers a powerful way for users to experience firsthand the capabilities of ShareScriptGPT in the financial market analysis domain. It's an invaluable tool for closed beta users to understand how ShareScriptGPT can enhance their investment decisions or trading strategies.

Remember, this is a testing environment, and while we strive for accuracy and utility, the results obtained here should not be used for real-world investment or trading decisions without professional advice.